Wall Art Boards

We are introducing art boards – this is available where the image will take some adjusment to fit a standard “A” size. We offer art boards for pieces where we are confident that we can maintain the integrity of the composition.

Art board prints do not require mounting card or glass although framiing is still advised- a thin black or woodenframe works well. Art boards fit an off the shelf frame for practicalities. A professional framer will give you more options, but for speed and ease of framing the art board is a winner. As they do not require the protection of glass this reduces cost and avoids the risk of cracks and breakage. They are lighter to handle and hang. A dry soft cloth is all that is needed to keep it dust free. This is a print on a different medium with the same high quality of print and process as the standard option.

All prints, including board versions are of archival quality. Art board prints are mounted onto a 3mm Foamex board (a rigid and durable PVC) and then laminated with a matt film that completely eliminates reflections. This laminate film also contains UV stabilisers and absorbers to inhibit fading and discolouration from sunlight. The art board has an immediacy which is very attractive.

We offer a number of Glass Pebble prints on art boards in standard A sizes.

A1 = 59 x 81 cm- guide price £85

A2 = 42 x 60 cm- guide price £60

A3 = 30 x 42 cm- guide price £45

A4 = 21 x 30 cm- guide price £35

The first set of art board options will be launched in the autumn, join Friends of Glass Pebble for the early alert and Early Bird offer!

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