The amazing combination of…the photographer, the garden pond and the grass carp

Dave was originally a biology teacher with a fascination for looking closely and carefully and who, from an early age, loved nothing better than a day’s fishing with his father at Grovelands Park and later with his friend Pete in various Surrey locations, and which, as far as we can tell, mostly involved sitting and contemplating the water.

In every house we lived in, Dave insisted on a wildlife pond which meant that newts, frogs, toads, water boatmen, dragon and damsel flies were always part of our life. In our Raddington pond he introduced three tiny grass carp to the new pond. There are now two and they move languidly like half meter submarines- if you look closely in the right light and stay still.

Dave was keen on the grass carp because they were herbivores and would not eat the other wildlife. They did however eat every plant Roz put in the pond with the exception of reeds, bulrushes and king cups. This gave Dave a serendipitous canvas for his camera. Amazing reflections were captured on the clear, still water- courtesy of the grass carp and Dav’s eye for a beautiful image.

Grass Carp Photos