“I’ve just opened the print – even lovelier than I remember, and very securely packed – thank you.”

Anne W

“Dave’s prints are looking fabulous on our wall, thank you!”

Dennis S

“[About our wallets] I wasn’t expecting the presentation; the boxes and tissue paper make them really special. A stylish design and such high quality”

Lynn H

“… admire his painstaking work with film and texture.”

Wiveliscombe Messenger

“Hope that more people in Somerset have the chance to see these beautiful landscapes”


“An intimate and unexpected view of water around Raddington. We can see jewels and bone china hidden in the ripples.”

Jon & Angela

“Astounded, nature intensified. Beautiful.”

Visitor to 10 Parishes Exhibition

“An inspiring exhibition that produces inherent puzzles to solve. Much beauty and wonder to be found here.”

Visitor to 10 Parishes Exhibition

“A stunning exhibition, I really enjoyed puzzling out what things are and sometimes finding my own images in the pictures. The Autumn Leaves is absolutely stunning and I love the Solar series- starburst and the beautiful galaxy water flow.”


“A deeper beauty in streams than I had ever imagined.”


“I have really been looking forward to seeing the exhibition, and it did not disappoint!”


“Made me want to go out and explore with new vision.”


“A truly beautiful and original body of work.”


“Such technique! I have never seen photographs like these.”

Visitor to 10 Parishes Exhibition

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