David Carter

The Man Behind the Lens

Glass Pebble, a small business making available the photographic art of David Carter

Glass Pebble came into being after the warm and enthusiastic response to Dave’s first public exhibition of his photographic images, at his home in Raddington, Somerset, in September 2017. We were inspired by the visitors to take this next step. The exhibition was part of the 10parishes arts festival, and was the first time his pictures were presented as a body of work. The majority of the collection are images taken within 200 metres of his front door; in field, river, pond and garden. Dave also captured unique images on the coast of West Somerset, and at canals and waterways further afield.

“Made me want to go out and explore with new vision.”
– Cate

Retiring in 2007, Dave developed his lifelong photographic interest of the natural world from a hobby to art. Dave worked with Rupert Mardon and Stephen Linley in Wiveliscombe for printing and framing, and planned his first exhibition with their encouragement, and that of friends and neighbours. Sadly, Dave died unexpectedly in July 2017. However, the exhibition went ahead as a celebration, thanks to the help of friends, colleagues and family members.

We were pleased to welcome over 80 visitors to the exhibition week despite our remote location, and were privileged to receive wonderful comments and observations. Visitors particularly appreciated the use of colour, and Dave’s ability to see and capture beautiful, unique images. As a result, we, his family and friends, truly realised the quality and appeal of his work. The experience shared across all visitors was that the photographs were not what was expected. The way Dave saw, captured and then presented natural images was a delightful surprise.

Why Glass Pebble?

Thanks to the encouragement of visitors, 5 of Dave’s photos were included in an exhibition for Somerset Art Week in 2017. Roz, his wife, with the support of their daughter Sophie and of family and friends, has developed Glass Pebble as a way of making his photographic art available to more people in the future. The name “Glass Pebble” was chosen thinking about the camera lens, use of water and reflection, and the idea of picking up a pebble and examining it closely; maybe putting it in your pocket, feeling its smoothness, and judging its weight in the palm of your hand. Pebbles are also a frequent actor in Dave’s compositions.

“A deeper beauty in streams than I had ever imagined” – Jill

Integrity, Legacy, and Local are at the heart of Glass Pebble.

Integrity because this was fundamental to how Dave approached life. We are true to the decisions Dave made regarding colour, size and presentation of his images. Glass Pebble only offers prints that Dave had taken through to final version, at the size he had concluded he wanted. Additionally, we only provide prints that are directly produced by Rupert from the original composition held by him on behalf of Dave.

Legacy is key to our business. This is our way of honouring Dave’s unique talent and the legacy he left his family.

As part of that legacy is the principle of Local, which Dave felt was strongly important. Consequently, all our suppliers of supporting services are local. Furthermore, we recognise how close to home most of his inspiration and subjects were, which makes his work very special to the South West. The local landscape on the edge of Exmoor has a stark beauty which can sometimes be hard to see unless you look carefully.

Every print ordered will be produced individually and quality assured by Rupert. Each print will arrive with a certificate of authenticity.

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